Dynamic and attentive to technological evolution, we want to offer you to be sure we know how to interpret and exceed your specific needs. Our expert and punctual planning ability can offer you the best possible solution, using innovative production techniques, attentive to energy consumption and friend of Nature. White Gold Packaging srl wants to be one of the protagonists of the Italian scenario of Society 4.0: our daily challenge is therefore always to reach the goal of the best quality of product and service.

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Each package requires different products. Stretch film, cover film, bubble film, foam, adhesive and strapping tapes, wooden or plastic pallets, chipboard panels or crates, cardboard boxes, bags, etc… are just some examples. Not only: you can require packaging that can guarantee the preservation of a specific thermal range.
The wide range of our GOLD QUALITY products is the best solution to all packaging need, thanks to our consolidated design experience and our excellent quality / price ratio.

White Gold Packaging srl
White Gold Packaging srl
White Gold Packaging srl


The word “smart” often means the arguments related to the new Industrial Revolution 4.0 and is used to highlight the constant search for a high degree of integration between human capacity, information and processes, tools and production methods. The use of advanced information technologies in information flow management and production techniques creates an increasingly cohesive and bidirectional relationship between the various components and moments of a business reality. A real technological intelligence is outlined: an ecosystem 4.0 in which technological innovations with low energy expenditure, virtuous information systems based on the concept of cloud, intelligent buildings, low-emission transport vehicles and packaging designed to respect the environment and recyclable participate in synergy.

This is the reality we want to participate in, playing with our experience, our skills and our resources.



It comes from joining a specific project of an important international Pharmaceutical Company, becoming a valuable experience that allows us to offer ourselves as reliable and prepared partners to design packaging systems. The word “system” highlights the concurrence of two components: the materials used for specific products and a practice that defines a precise methodology of use. We can respond with an adequate solution to complex situations. Adequacy is referred not only about the assembly phase between the packaging and the product to be protected, but involves a verification of the effectiveness of what was adopted. This logic includes the need for a controlled temperature during product handling. In this context, we have reliable and innovative solutions that can be adapted to be used successfully in various contexts.


We are animated by the conviction that all our activities have an impact on the environment: let’s simply think of the energy we consume, how we move, how we manage waste.
We want to take responsibility for what surrounds us, constantly looking for solutions that prefer regenerated or regenerable materials, preserving quality, minimizing costs, enhancing goals, producing just in time with instrumentation capable of reducing energy waste.
Safeguarding the environment also means being able to safeguard man, ensuring that he works in a stimulating work environment, motivated for growth and perfecting his skills. It is important to take care of social initiatives, proposing opportunities for collaboration that can result in improving the quality of life of the weaker sections of the population.
Protecting human being and Nature: an inseparable join for our business reality.