Cover packaging

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Stretch film, Cover film, Bubble film, Foam and Bags

Not just EPS: studying the most appropriate packaging involves selecting the most suitable type of material to achieve the goal of offering the best protection. Furthermore, an EPS packaging may have to be further protected or fixed to ensure the preservation of its integrity over time and during movements.

We offer a wide range of stretch, heat-shrink, cover and bubble film, foam and bags of various sizes and types.


Our stretch and cover film are carefully designed to offer maximum performance, maximum pre-stretch (where this property is required), as well as optimal strength qualities, using regenerated material where possible, always maintaining unaltered their quality. They are available in different thicknesses, heights and colours, also having the opportunity for customization in the printing phase (insertion of the company/society logo) .

Our offer is completed with bubble film (airbol) or foam for the protection of what can be breakable and a wide range of bags and sacks that can be ordered in the most suitable thicknesses and sizes.