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Core Packaging

Ductile, safe, resistant, unalterable over time. These are the basic properties of polystyrene, the reason it’s the preferred choice for packaging. The best fit is tailor-made dress. The package effectiveness grows if it is projected expressly for what it must protect. Our design capacity and our precision of realization are essential to enhance the best of the EPS’s prerogatives. Our engineering skill and our execution accuracy are essential to enhance the best of the EPS’s prerogatives.

Cover Packaging

Not just EPS: studying the most appropriate packaging involves selecting the most suitable type of material to achieve the goal of offering the best protection. Furthermore, an EPS packaging may have to be further protected or fixed to ensure the preservation of its integrity over time and during movements.
We offer a wide range of stretch, heat-shrink, cover and bubble film, foam and bags of various sizes and types.

Supply Packaging

Customizable sizes, design, materials, made of selected raw materials, well-done manufacture, fast deliveries: these are the main characteristics of our supplies of pallets, carton boxes and adhesive tapes.
We can provide you with a safe and perfect packaging to ensure that your products can reach undamaged their destination.

Pharma Packaging

The international regulations show that a correct pharmaceutical packaging is the one that must guarantee the suitability of the drug, or guarantee the integrity of the packaging and of the drug substance.
To meet these specific needs, we have a set of EPS isothermal boxes of different capacity, containing graphite, to enhance the insulating capacity. These boxes guarantee an easy load, lightness, impact resistance, insulation from external agents, such as mold and moisture.

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XPS thermal solution

An environmentally friendly housing must necessarily implement all those measures to ensure a low energy use. First, it’s indispensable to insulate walls, ceilings and roofs to ensure that the dispersion of the internal temperature and the impact of the external temperature are kept to a minimum.
PTo achieve this, extruded polystyrene has always been used successfully and we offer a wide range of different density, measures and thickness.