Pharma packaging

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Isothermical Boxes, Cool packs

The international regulations show that a correct pharmaceutical packaging is the one that must guarantee the suitability of the drug, or guarantee the integrity of the packaging and of the drug substance.

To meet these specific needs, we have a set of EPS isothermal boxes of different capacity, containing added graphite, to enhance the insulating capacity. These boxes guarantee an easy load, lightness, impact resistance, insulation from external agents, such as mold and moisture.



We have an excellent product and we are also able to design with you a real custom packaging system to meet specific logistic needs.

The insulating power of the EPS with added graphite allows in fact to be able to carry out deliveries at controlled and guaranteed temperature within a determined time range. To achieve this goal, our cool packs must be combined, the quantity of which must be defined in the design phase according to the model chosen, the product to be delivered and the thermal and time interval to be guaranteed.

Our Ice Cube are innovative cool packs because they are inserted in a case of a special cardboard that allows to give it a specific volume and isolate the product from the moisture that can form inside during transport, reaching the perfect integrity of the packaging of the drug, optimizing the available space.

Designing also means being available to completely customized solutions: if you have special needs, do not hesitate to contact us to study the most appropriate solution for you .