WgoldP Quality Solution

"Quality is to the product as grammar is to language"
Govind Ramu

gold Solution – quality Solution

A packaging is defined by the law as a product composed of materials of various kinds, used to contain certain goods, to protect them, to allow their handling and delivery to the user with an adequate presentation.

Internationally accredited statistics show that many products are lost because they are damaged due to unfitting packaging: therefore, an adequate packaging solution is important.

The important features of a package can be summarized as technical, logistics and marketing ones

Technical features: the designed solution results from a careful study of the product, its protection needs, its nature and physiognomy, the expected transfer and the necessary security that must be guaranteed for those who move, transport and receive it.

Logistics features: the designed solution defines a packaging unit simple to be moved according to its nature and size, easy to be housed in a warehouse, in a truck or in a container. It has to optimize spaces, respect the national and international standards, be usable with requested packaging automatism and be reusable for a new life cycle or given to an incinerator to produce heat or energy.

Marketing features: the designed solution has to help to idenfify the protected product and who produces it. You must have the possibility to apply a label for an appropriate product identification, highlighting its weaknesses or risks. There must be the place on packaging where applying a logo or a brand to promote who have produced the packaged product.

Our main packaging solutions concern:

Panel Packaging

EPS panels can be successfully used to package insulating component to stock without direct ground contact, stacking them, preserving them and ensuring safety handling during storage or transport. EPS is an excellent choice for its mechanical stress resistance, durability along time and recyclability. For a complete packaging solution we propose to separate insulating components with low thickness EPS panels or foam or MDF panels. To protect from the external agents and possible impacts, we offer at very competitive prices stretch and cover films customizable with company logo to support its identity

Rolls Packaging

We have designed a packaging system that guarantees excellent protection and safe handling for safe storage and transport of big industrial rolls using a perfect combination of EPS cradles (customer sized and adaptable to the roll size using “pre-cuts”), chipboard panels, metal profiles and customized pallets. This solution allows you to simply stack this type of goods and easily delivery by truck/container.

Wine packaging

The lightness of the EPS combined with the excellent resistance to shocks, the ability to isolate from external agents and thermal changes, make it the most suitable material to have an effective packaging for the transport of wine bottles. Our modular EPS solution in responds effectively to the needs of storage and transport of wine, adapting to any type of standard bottle, as well as having an excellent price/performance ratio.

e-Commerce Packaging

Adequate packaging is the business card of a quality e-Commerce proposal: statistics show that most of the refused deliveries derive from having received a damages packaging. Our Ice boxes are perfect for delivering ordered products, isolating them from the outside and withstanding shocks. Furthermore, their grey color makes them less dirty, offering a positive visual impact for the receiver. In combination with our Ice Cubes, they also allow the storage and the product delivery at a controlled temperature without any transfer of humidity. The Ice cube special cardboard case stop humidity transfer and it’s full recyclable in the paper circuit. This is certified by Aticelca, the Italian association that offers a method to assess the level of recyclability of paper and cardboard materials and products.