Good is the enemy of Excellent. Most good companies remain good. Good is not Excellent.
(Jim C. Collins)


We do not want to be simply a good company. We do not want to simply offer good products. We want to be an excellent company able to offer an excellent product.

We believe that the best product is what you need, as you need: we will design your packaging according to your specific needs.

To achieve this goal, we are constantly searching for pioneering raw material and advanced technologies, high-yield products, low earth impact, without energy waste and using clean and renewable resources. To complete our mission, we keep always update our hardware and software, to control the entire processing cycle. We should achieve the best skills with a never-ending training and a punctual check of the quality of the service offered.

Design and innovation: and inseparable duo. To propose appropriate and innovative solutions, it is vital to have the best materials and the best technology, able to guarantee precision and rapidity of execution, as well as the punctual control of the entire production cycle, not forgetting the pre- and post-sale support.

However, no technology can give results without the indispensable human factor: the excellence of a product is also measured by the excellence of the customer service. So essential requirements are a Customer Care Service responsive to every need, a precise Project Team able of tailor-made solutions, a skilled Logistic Support for just in time deliveries.


Work is still the best way to get through life,” says Gustave Flaubert. This statement shows that work doesn’t mean simply sustenance or supplying basic needs, but it has important implications of social appreciation. It produces self-esteem, defines an identity, enhances individual abilities, offers dignity to the person and, nevertheless, allows you to make projects and broaden the sphere of your knowledge. It is therefore an important vehicle for achieving a good quality of life. Every productive activity, that can offer work in a direct or indirect way, is a vehicle of an important opportunity and it is important to have full awareness and responsibility. Aware of this, we wanted to be open to the social, starting a collaboration with a social cooperative, La Zattera in Legnano.

The assembly activity in this Cooperative can help socially disadvantaged individuals to recover their identity and dignity, gain autonomy, conserve and enhance individual abilities, with the elaboration of resocialization projects personalized, that can concretely improve the integration process.
Working well to give a high quality product and service, but not just that: we want to work hard to offer and guarantee work. In fact, we believe that in addition to the fourth industrial revolution, the recycling, the energy saving and the environmental care, a Society 4.0 must take care of the human aspect and seize all opportunities to be proactive, participating in concrete projects of social reintegration. We are grateful to Mr. Franco Landonio and Mrs. Emanuela Chimetto, responsible for the Cooperative, for our opportunity to give a contribution for dignity and social serenity to their Guests, the primary reason for their inexhaustible personal commitment and passion.

Recycle & Earth care

A specific European legislation (UNI EN 13427 – Packaging – Requirements for the use of European standards in the field of packaging and packaging waste) establishes that the packaging must ensure the same safety and quality requirements required for the products they protect. It highlights is essential to reduce the weight and volume of the packaging, the absence or the minimization of dangerous substances and the correct management of product end of life.
We want to satisfy the needs of our customer using high-yield raw material, lightweight, volumetrically designed to optimize the occupied spaces. We give particular attention to the use of regenerated or otherwise recyclable raw materials.
The concept of recycle must not only be understood as the ability of the material to be recovered, treated and inserted again in the production cycle, but also the possibility of recovering the energy stored in appropriate incineration sites. For example, the polystyrene has an energy recovery value of 113.9MJ/Kg, if it consists of virgin raw material and 96 MJ/Kg, if it contains a regenerated percentage: a sustainable production requires that this value is above 15 MJ/Kg!

Earth care means that it means that the production cycle uses the least possible amount of energy. We aim to operate by reducing emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere, so we’re interested in production solutions that use clean and renewable sources of energy, such as high-efficiency cogeneration installations, which minimize the use of non-renewable sources and reduce CO2 emissions. .
The logistic aspect of transport must not be forgotten, carefully studying the loading plan to ensure that each vehicle travels full, optimizing the route to ensure punctuality with the fewest kilometers travelled.
For long-distance deliveries, we are careful to select partners who have an automotive fleet that is constantly checked and renewed, to guarantee the best that technology offers in terms of sustainable mobility for road transport vehicles.