Supply packaging

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(Theodore Levitt)


Pallets, Panels, Crates, Carton Boxes, Adhesive and Strapping Tapes, Equipments for packaging

Customizable sizes  , design, materials, made of selected raw materials, well-done manufacture, fast deliveries: these are the main characteristics of our supplies of pallets, carton boxes and adhesive tapes.

We can provide you with a safe and perfect packaging to ensure that your products can reach undamaged their destination.



We can produce wooden pallets in standard or customized sizes, aligned with the requirements of European and international standards, such as HT treatment to guarantee the absence of wood pests, an essential condition for pallets to be used outside our national borders. Otherwise, you can choose plastic pallets, which offer lightness, durability over time, the possibility of re-use, as well as being unaffected by external agents.

To meet the most varied packaging requirements, we also can offer wooden crates and carton boxes, able to effectively solve any logistic situation.

The range of adhesive tapes offers the most varied solutions in materials, dimensions and colours, without forgetting the possibility of customizing them with a company logo or writing according to specific needs.
Our offer is completed with the possibility of buying or renting specific equipment to support packaging operations, such as pallet or stretch wrapper, selected to guarantee the best performance and the best reliability over time.