WgoldP Quality

"The customer forgets how fast you have satisfied his needs, but remembers how"
Howard Newton

gold Quality – smart Quality

We believe that quality is not simply a goal to be achieved, but an important stimulus for a new beginning. “Can we do better?“: we always have to ask ourselves this question achieving a quality goal. We must constantly improve our offer and how we propose ourselves, looking for new solutions with characteristics that are perfectly aligned with the principles of industrial and technological innovation, paying particular attention to the use of resources and the care of environment, topics of increasing interest nowadays.

The required quality, the designed quality, the provided quality and the perceived quality, cyclically correlated, constitute the cornerstones of our smart quality.


Required Quality:

it is the quality that the customer expects. It is important to bring out all its implications, since it depends on this analysis how much will be designed, proposed or implemented. More

Designed Quality:

it is based on the combination of service&product to characterize each supply with a specific customer service to complete the offer. More

Provided Quality:

it is the phase in which the designed quality must be concretely implemented. It’s indispensable to carefully follow the entire production and logistics process. More

Perceived Quality:

this is the final phase to evaluate the customers perception about quality and their satisfaction. It is important to be aware that a satisfied customer will still ask himself if he can obtain better More