Each helmet has an EPS soul

Each helmet has an EPS soul

The safety of a helmet is essential to ensure the safety of the wearer. Starting from a post published on heavydriver.corriere.it, a meeting was held at the Politecnico of Milan, to give a concrete answer to the doubt that assails several motorcyclists: when should I change my helmet to maintain a high safety profile?

The soul of a helmet is made of polystyrene, although it does not fall into the category of objects called packaging, which use this material for its excellent qualities of resistance to impact, lightness and ductility.

In this meeting, the Ing. Marco Piana, coordinator of AIPE (Italian Association of Expanded Polystyrene) explained that a material with a density of 60 Kg/m^3 is used, to guarantee excellent resistance to high impacts. He also underlined that, if the molding phase was carried out with high quality, its duration goes well over five years, a time beyond which for the remaining components it might be advisable to make a replacement, thus disproving EPS as the most fragile component.

The idea of subjecting the helmet to a periodic review is been the result of the meeting.

For further information, please refer to the article in heavydriver.corriere.it.

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