Human thought deriving from active reflection is always new and original.
(Erich Fromm)


The goal of a logistic consultancy can be simply simplified into “having the right product, the right customer, at the right time and in the right place“. To achieve it, it is necessary to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of a logistics system, a very complex reality nowadays .

It is necessary to carefully compare and study different factors, such as:

– The mix of offered products, considering that in today’s market, the life cycle of a product is rather short compared to the past;

– The customer’s desire to reduce stocks with a consequent increase in the demand for deliveries, which must absolutely be precise and punctual;

– The need to optimize packaging and their dimensions to ensure that shipments are always fully loaded and with delivery routes that minimize transport costs;

– The selection of suppliers, sometimes involving different players, due to the tendency to outsource various activities, both of which have heavy impacts on the company procurement system;

– The IT tools available and their ability to create relationship among the various structures of the company system;

…etc, just to give some quick examples.

Therefore, a logistic consultancy requires both an inside study of the company reality in order to optimize material and human resources, containing costs (efficiency), and an outside one, in order to constantly improve the satisfaction level of its Customers (effectiveness), in order to make it a real business promotion tool.

An in-depth initial analysis is essential to accurately identify the state of health of the system, the more or less evident signs of weakness, the areas of intervention and the relative plan with the necessary priorities. For example, non-respected delivery dates may depend on a lack of attention by operators along the supply chain, from problems in the IT system, from deficiencies in the organization of production, from inadequate suppliers, from warehouses not well organized, from unbalanced stocks, from incorrect planning of deliveries, etc . So, finding the correct solution depends strictly on having identified with the right cause or causes .

Each solution must therefore be “customized” and it requires skilled professionals, relying on theory and experience: a gold team for smart consulting.

Here are the steps of our logistic consultancy:



Purchasing policy, approval and selection of suppliers, subcontracting, process analysis and purchasing and supply systems.



Warehouse design and automation, flow optimization, layouts redesign, heat maps, process analysis and storage systems, stock management.



Logistics tenders, distribution networks, location studies, route planning, transport operators negotiation.



Analysis of needs, definition of the IT model, selection, purchase, implementation and start-up of systems (ERP, SGA, EAN, RFID, …).



Reception of orders, optimization of resources, back-front office, EDI.