A smart little ball

A smart little ball

AIPE, the Italian Association of Expanded Polystyrene, has decided to support and promote the qualities of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) with a short movie on YouTube (in Italian language), where a polystyrene ball explains the EPS qualities with an easy speaking, able to capture the interest of a wide audience, quite different from a purely technical presentation.

The EPS versatility allows it to be used as packaging, both in food and medical contexts, as protection (see the inside of the bicycle helmets), as insulation for buildings and in many other situations.

It is light, resistant, hygienic, safe for the environment and for human health and its 98% of air offers a concrete contribution to the well-being of the planet, with substantial energy savings and a reduction in CO2 and PM10 emissions.

Finally, the EPS total and endless recyclability is very important: it can always have a new life!

As AIPE member and promoter of the potential of this extraordinary material, we invite you to watch the YouTube movie, selecting the following link:

Polistirolo. Una storia infinita (EPS. A never ending story)

(Designed and developed by Realtà Communication Agency in Milan for AIPE)